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Mental Health Providers Have High Job Satisfaction

Integrated Psychiatric Consultants | February 9, 2023

According to a 2021 PubMed study, 83% of mental health providers are satisfied with their jobs. 

The psychiatrists working at Integrated Psychiatric Consultants agree are happy with their careers, too. According to CEO Vishal Adma, M.D., his 100+ behavioral health providers have high job satisfaction because their work is life-changing (and sometimes live-saving).

Mental Health Providers Are a Special Breed

People called to work in the mental health field have servant hearts. They desire to serve the world in a significant way that makes the lives of others better. Because of this objective, once their work has taken a patient to a better state of mind, their inner calling is validated and job satisfaction follows suit.

Psychiatrists and other behavioral health providers seek professional growth – all while focusing on delivering high-quality care to clients. In this video, several of our providers share their experiences working with IPC.

Behavioral health is an inclusive career to pursue. People with disabilities often seek roles as administrators and clinicians at psychiatric and depression treatment centers. Below are six other advantages of working as a mental health provider.

6 Reasons to Make Mental Health a Career

Mental health therapists do a lot of good for many people, and most therapists enjoy their jobs. These are some of the positive aspects of working in this line of work:

1. Job satisfaction

Probably one of the top reasons that many people become a mental health therapist is because they find the work rewarding. Helping people to work through their problems and feel better about themselves and their lives makes mental health therapists feel good about what they’re doing. In fact, many people in the mental health profession see it less as a job and more as their calling. Mental health therapists play a role in people getting better and stronger. For those people who like to help others, this is a very satisfying career choice.

2. Good salary

Working in mental health is usually a well-paid profession. The average annual salary for a therapist is $71,863 per year, and for a psychologist, it’s $94,840 per year. Many mental health therapists who have their own practices earn significantly more, even up to $200,000. P

3. Status

Being a mental health therapist is a highly respected job. Most people look up to these therapists and hold them in high regard because their work is valuable and they help people. Therefore, those who work in the field are proud to say that they do so. They consider it an honor to do this work, and people admire them for it.

4. Flexibility

Another advantage of being a mental health therapist is that it often provides considerable flexibility. Many mental health therapists set their own hours and can work on a schedule that is convenient for them. Some prefer to work nights or weekends, and many work only part time to allow more time for family or personal pursuits.Since many therapists choose to start their own practice, this also allows the flexibility of being able to make their own decisions. Many people love the idea of starting their own business, and this field is a good opportunity to do so. It allows you the freedom to control your hours, your client base, how often you work and how much you charge each client.

5. Working with a variety of people and topics

For those who enjoy variety and versatility, working as a mental health therapist could be a good job for you. In this line of work, you meet a wide range of people from all different cultures, backgrounds and locations. You may sometimes work with older adults and other times with young children, and you could work with a group or one-on-one with a single individual. Also, you may hear a variety of different problems and concerns from clients, from relationship issues to concerns about self-esteem or aging. This diversity in clientele and subject matter is a plus for many people.

6. Many employment opportunities

Mental health therapists have many jobs that they can do, meaning that there are many employment opportunities for them. Not only can they open their own practice, but they may also work in clinics, hospitals, schools, inpatient care facilities or in a private practice run by another therapist. They can also work just about anywhere in the world, because people need mental health therapists everywhere. They may work with private citizens, veterans, teenagers, or they might focus on individuals and couples or entire families or communities.

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