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Telepsychiatry is Lifeline During COVID-19

Integrated Psychiatric Consultants | November 16, 2020

Undoubtedly, telepsychiatry and telehealth were the most important outcomes for mental health during the pandemic.

The isolation of the mandated quarantines impacted the mental health of children and adults and mental health centers and hospitals were forced to find a way to provide services..

If we take a look at one of the countless telehealth stories, one will discover through Debbie Heals that telepsychiatry is a necessary service that expands and improves access to all. Debbie suffered from PTSD and severe depression after losing her two children in an attack, and living in rural Anza, California restricted her access to the critical psychiatric care she needed. Luckily, through a community health center, Debbie was able to receive telepsychiatry care and connect with a provider in order to obtain the care she deserved. The availability of being able to connect with a provider regardless of location improves lives such as Debbie and has paved the pathway to healing.


Telepsychiatry has made distance constrictions, such in the case of Debbie and COVID-19, a thing of the past by allowing one to access a psychiatrist from the comfort of their own home. This convenience and enjoyment provided through telepsychiatry have increased participation rates throughout communities which leads to overall better treatment between primary and behavioral care. Simultaneously, the increase in better treatment has decreased the need for emergency room visits. Overall, access to telepsychiatry improves lives and maintains provider efficiency which benefits the entire community.

Do not let COVID-19 take a toll on one’s mental health any longer; stay safe, stay healthy, and explore telepsychiatry through Integrated Psychiatric Providers.

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