Integrated Psychiatric Consultants partners with Reviving Mind to expand to provide collaborative, integrated chronic care management to patients and organizations

Integrated Psychiatric Consultants | May 31, 2023

Joining forces in a strategic partnership to simplify the delivery of collaborative care services, Integrated Psychiatric Consultants (IPC) and Reviving Mind are responding to a growing need for efficient and personalized healthcare services nationwide. The partnership marks a substantial advancement in patient care management for IPC and its client organizations providing behavioral health services to older individuals and those living with chronic health conditions. 

Reviving Mind, an innovative online collaborative care platform, is transforming healthcare delivery for chronic care management (CCM) through its full suite of patient management tools including remote patient monitoring (RPM), remote therapeutic monitoring (RTM), collaborative care management (CoCM), and behavioral health integration (BHI). Through Reviving Mind, care providers can supercharge their medical practice to include patient communication and streamline administrative tasks. 

In the United States, an estimated 1 in 4 adults live with two or more chronic health conditions. CCM and care coordination services are shown to offer numerous benefits to patients outside of regular visits to their care provider, especially those who have a significant risk of death, acute exacerbation/decompensation, or functional decline.

“Reviving Mind is leading the way in integrative patient care, empowering providers to deliver comprehensive support while streamlining the tracking and management process,” says Rahul Sharma, CEO of Reviving Mind. “Our first-of-its-kind CCM platform enables care providers to effortlessly monitor and track their patients, ensuring seamless and effective communication among the care team.”

The partnership aligns with IPC and Reviving Mind’s shared vision to help improve overall outcomes in individuals with chronic medical and behavioral health conditions. “IPC clinicians thrive on providing exceptional care at our various client organizations. With this partnership, our clinicians would be able to oversee services at a high level to help improve outcomes, which leads to better population health,” says Dr. Vishal Adma, board certified psychiatrist, physician executive, and President and CEO of IPC.

Dr. Vishal Adma, CEO and President of Integrated Psychiatric Consultants, and Rahul Sharma, CEO of Reviving Mind, shaking hands at APAAM23 in San Francisco, May 2023.

IPC and Reviving Mind will combine their expertise to offer a wider range of services and a more comprehensive approach to behavioral health care management. Patients can receive increased access to specialized care, a more personalized treatment plan, and improved coordination between care providers. According to Dr. Adma and Rahul, the platform encourages integrated care in behavioral health settings and highlights the need for connection and communication platforms to address loneliness and other mental health and psychiatric conditions.

“Loneliness is far more than just a bad feeling—it harms both individual and societal health,” writes Dr. Vivek H. Murthy, 19th and 21st Surgeon General of the United States, in his 2023 advisory on the healing effects of social connection and community

According to the advisory report, chronic loneliness and isolation are a significant health concern, with a mortality impact that is similar to that caused by smoking up to 15 cigarettes a day. Reviving Mind offers patients a seamless user experience and mobile application to join group and individual video sessions, schedule and attend appointments, receive check-ins for program and medicine adherence, and even play multiplayer logic games. This suite of tools benefits patients, helping them feel seen by their care team and less alone in their journey with a chronic health condition.

IPC client organizations who opt into Reviving Mind’s platform can leverage CCM, RPM, RTM, CoCM, and BHI tools with ease for internal care provider use as well as SMS, chat, call, and video sessions to communicate directly with patients. Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs), community mental health centers, and health systems can use this platform to implement integrated care in their system and collaborate with IPC’s care providers to facilitate this initiative. Reviving Mind also auto-logs time, making it easy for care providers to track patient progress and follow up on care.

“We’re changing how healthcare is delivered, making it easier than ever to provide personalized, proactive care,” Rahul adds. “We believe that by working together, we can make a meaningful difference in the lives of those we serve.”

About Integrated Psychiatric Consultants:

Integrated Psychiatric Consultants (IPC) is a physician-owned and operated organization with over 70 behavioral health professionals, including psychiatrists, psychiatric nurse practitioners, psychologists, licensed clinical therapists, and administrative and support staff. Its team of dedicated in-person and telehealth providers help treat a variety of mental health disorders in children, adolescents, adults and geriatric patients. Across the United States, IPC provides care in emergency departments, inpatient psychiatric hospitals, residential programs, outpatient clinics, addiction recovery centers, community mental health centers, through medical directorship, consultation-liaison, and other provider roles.

About Reviving Mind:

Reviving Mind is a collaborative care platform that offers a full suite of patient management tools to help providers improve the quality of care they deliver to their patients. The platform’s features include:

  • Effectively managing CCM, RPM, RTM, BHI and CoCM
  • Managing schedules more efficiently
  • Connecting with patients through text, chat, call, and video sessions
  • Tracking patient progress and outcomes
  • Improving revenue cycle management

For more information about this partnership, please contact:

Rahul Sharma, CEO, Reviving Mind:

Vishal Adma, M.D., President & CEO, Integrated Psychiatric Consultants: vadma@inte

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