• Is Integrated Psychiatric a One-time Staffing Agency?

    No, we’re more than just a staffing agency. Yes, Integrated Psychiatric supports healthcare recruiting needs by placing skilled providers in our partner organizations. We go a step beyond by we stepping up to ensure your organization sustains high-quality care for years not months.

    We also provide our mental health partners administrative oversight, licensing and credentialing services, and quality improvement. As an added bonus, we keep it simple by streamlining offerings through one contract, with a single point-of-contact. It saves our partners time an money to receive these bundled services from Integrated Pyschiatric.

  • How Do I Schedule an Appointment with Integrated Psychiatric?

    IPC does not provide direct patient care at this time. If you are experiencing a life-threatening crisis, we urge you to contact emergency services immediately and proceed to the nearest emergency care setting. 

    Integrated Psychiatric is a support mental health consulting firm that provides the staffing and administrative support to front-line behavioral health hospitals, community mental health centers, and behavioral health providers.

    If you are seeking support for a situation that is not life-threatening, consider calling, texting, or chatting the 988 Suicide and Crisis Lifeline. You can also search online for resources in your geographical area. As always, we recommend consulting a healthcare professional before making adjustments to your way of life.

  • What Other Direct to Patient Services Does Integrated Psychiatric Provide if Any?

    Integrated Psychiatric Consultants also owns a mental health clinic called Responsive Centers for Psychology and Learning in Overland Park, KS. Adolescents and adults receive behavioral health therapy in clinic and virtually through this clinic.

  • Does Integrated Psychiatric Provide Education to Students Pursuing Careers in Mental Health?

    Yes, Integrated Psychiatric Consultants started an academy focused on the educational needs of junior and senior year medical students interested in a career in behavioral health. It’s called the IPC Academy.

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