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Dr. Vishal Adma Shares His Mental Health Leadership Secrets

Integrated Psychiatric Consultants | August 31, 2022

Mental Health Leadership

Integrated Psychiatric Consultants CEO Vishal Adma, M.D., shares his two decades of mental health leadership on The Collis Stutzer Show (podcast). Dr. Adma discusses his journey From India to Kansas, the launch of IPC and its growth through the years, and some of his influences and experiences that have led him to his leadership position in psychiatric care today.

The podcast episode focuses on the realities of culture-based businesses. Instead of over-indexing on tactics. Host Collis Stutzer and Dr. Adma dive into the culture behind the decisions being made in the field of behavioral health.

Build by Hyderabad and shaped by Kansas, Dr. Adma touched on his journey, successes, and life lessons gained through building three successful businesses — Integrated Psychiatric Consultants, the IPC Academy, and the Responsive Centers for Psychology and Learning.

Thank you to Collis Stutzer for the delightful opportunity to discuss mental health leadership. – Dr. Adma


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