High-quality providers offering long-term partnerships.

At Integrated Psychiatric Consultants (IPC), our clinical team is dedicated to providing accessible psychiatry, mental health, and substance use treatment services.

An innovative care model to benefit providers and partners.

IPC is much more than a staffing agency. While most recruitment services drop off after placement, we step up to ensure your organization sustains high-quality care.

Committed to patient safety and quality oversight at every step.

Our leadership and administrative team prioritize open communication, working with partners and providers to ensure a seamless integration experience.

Over two decades of expertise in psychiatry and mental health.

Since 2002, IPC has been a trusted workforce partner for healthcare programs and care settings. We are committed to addressing the national shortage of providers.

Simplifying behavioral health staffing – one partnership at a time.


Provider Retention Rate


Partner Retention Rate

Founded by psychiatrist Vishal Adma, M.D., our behavioral health management and staffing group offers 20+ years of expertise.

IPC seamlessly integrates partners and providers, simplifying processes to achieve the best possible outcomes for patients.

Based in the Midwest, we proudly partner with organizations across the United States.

  • Psychiatrists

  • Psychiatric Nurse Practitioners

  • Clinical Therapists

IPC strengthens our partners...

IPC strengthens our partners...

How might your organization grow with access to high-quality providers for behavioral health services?

IPC partners benefit from…

  • Dedicated expertise and oversight
  • End-to-end service coverage
  • Reliable operational support

...while understanding our providers.

How might your life transform if you worked where your passions and aspirations are tremendously valued?

IPC providers benefit from…

  • A trustworthy recruitment process
  • Experienced provider network
  • Placement in a desired setting
...while understanding our providers.

Integrated Psychiatric Consultants